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Preferred Volunteer Role

Are you interested in a leadership role within the volunteer team?

Important Note

Given our budget constraints, we kindly request volunteers to purchase a ticket (any ticket category) to participate. Rest assured, all volunteers will have the opportunity to get a picture with Shaan at the end of the event and will be acknowledged in front of Shaan.

Also, You will receive a unique coupon code for a discount once you register as a volunteer.

Your support in this regard is greatly appreciated; the rest will be well taken care of.

Volunteer Role We are Open For


These volunteers welcome attendees, help them find their seats, distribute programs, and provide general event information.

First Aid and Medical Support:

Trained volunteers provide basic medical assistance and support in case of emergencies.

Stage Managers:

These individuals coordinate the performances, ensuring that artists are ready, cues are followed, and the show runs smoothly.

Volunteer Coordinators:

Responsible for managing the entire volunteer team, assigning roles, providing training, and addressing any volunteer-related issues.

Parking Attendants:

 If the concert has a parking area, volunteers may help guide attendees to available parking spots.

Social Media and Promotion:

Some volunteers may help with live social media updates during the concert or assist in promoting the event online.

Backstage Crew:

These volunteers work behind the scenes, assisting with stage setup, equipment handling, and coordinating artist needs.

Photographers and Videographers:

Capture moments from the event for promotional and archival purposes.

Merchandise Sales:

Volunteers sell artist merchandise like CDs, T-shirts, and other memorabilia.

Information Desk:

They provide event-related information, help with lost and found items, and assist attendees with inquiries.


If the event involves shuttles or transportation arrangements, volunteers may assist with coordinating and ensuring attendees get to the venue safely.

Signage and Directional Support:

Volunteers assist in placing directional signs and ensuring attendees find their way around the venue.

Ticket Booth Staff:

They assist with ticket sales, check-in, and resolve ticketing issues at the entrance.

Security and Crowd Control:

Volunteers in this role help ensure the safety and security of attendees by managing crowd flow and addressing any security concerns.

Clean-Up Crew:

After the event, volunteers help clean up the venue, remove decorations, and ensure it’s returned to its original state.

Hospitality and Catering:

Volunteers in this role assist with artist hospitality, ensuring they have the amenities and refreshments they need.

VIP Hosts:

These volunteers cater to the needs of VIP ticket holders, ensuring they have a premium experience.

Survey and Feedback Collectors:

Collect feedback from attendees to help improve future events.