Anu Malik Live in Boston, MA

Boston, MA – May 12, 2024 – As anticipation builds for Jay-Ho!’s upcoming Anu Malik Musical Concert, unexpected delays in visa stamping appointments have forced a shift in plans. Despite the approval of the visa, the delay in securing an appointment within the necessary timeframe has created a narrow window between the stamping delay and the concert date. While this situation may disappoint some, Jay-Ho! and Anu Malik are determined to ensure Boston experiences an unforgettable musical night

“In light of this setback, Anu Malik and his team are actively working to secure new concert dates, with September emerging as the most likely time frame, featuring performances by a stellar lineup including Yashita Sharma, Divya Kumar, Rupali Jagga, Harshit Chauhan, and Anmol Malik. Fans can rest assured that efforts are underway to ensure that the rescheduled concert delivers the same level of excitement and musical brilliance they have come to expect from Anu Malik.”

Anu Malik shared a lighthearted sentiment, saying, “We were all geared up for this concert, eagerly looking forward to meeting our fans in Boston and the Jay-Ho! team. I’ve heard so many good things about Boston and the love for Bollywood music among Bostonians. I know many dance groups from Boston are looking forward to our dance numbers. But, just when I was ready to sing, my visa decided to play ‘Oonchi Hai Building Lift Teri Band Hai’! Nevertheless, fear not, for my heart remains ‘Rajamand Hai,’ and I shall return soon!

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